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The New Art Gallery Walsall

In summer 2008 we were commissioned to complete the brand refresh for The New Art Gallery Walsall. The gallery had achieved great success in 2000 with the launch of its unique new building, designed by the architects Caruso St John. By the time we got involved their communications needed new life to spark interest and intrigue in the gallery once again.

Our design for the brand refresh revitalises the existing gallery logo, using bold coloured backgrounds and dynamic positioning. Design elements are taken or connected to the edges to "open" the gallery and its work to the outside. This is further represented through the addition of the gradient leading from the building icon. The resulting combination creates a bold, daring, and colourful style that stands out from the clean, white clinical look which is often synonymous with art galleries.
In addition to the core brand refresh we have worked to produce some striking photography-based design work for the individual events and initiatives at the gallery. With a solid brand basis now in place we have created the scope for a flexible interpretation within the promotional imagery. This ensures that the individual design pieces engage more directly with the distinct audiences the gallery seeks to attract.