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Pie & Chips is our debut book and showcases our take on the importance of ideas and the craft of design.

The book focuses on Stereographic and what we represent. That's very hard to put into words but, as our name suggests, it's about two things, about thinking twice, looking twice, standing on your head and looking at it upside down (let the blood go to your head), always having an alternative, balance, sound and vision and a million other things that spiral from the creative mind...

As the opening page says "first pause for thought", the book aims to make people see beyond the usual commercial work showcase, case study and client list; pause for thought and see the power of developing distinctive ideas and creating memorable visuals.


Taking the ideas from our well oiled creative process, the resulting book is a collection of 11 works combining the different talents, ideas and techniques.

It changed over time from a polished vision into an experimental / developmental sketchbook, exploring ideas of duality to represent who Stereographic is. These ideas were crafted through a myriad of ever developing techniques.

We got angry with graphic design and danced across dark rooms carrying LEDs; drank lots of coffee and made our heads go bent; dreamed of riding bicycles through fractal landscapes while programming art spirals; looked in the mirror and then wore masks in horror; took far too many photographs and made very big computer files; ate ice cream; collected found objects; wrote very short stories; stuck stickers onto mysteries never to be seen; developed imaginary ideas; tried drawing using a graphics tablet; and played pool.

Pie & Chips is available now as a numbered limited edition run from the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham - www.ikon-gallery.co.uk

Graphic Angst vs Photographic Ballet, Graphics & Photography

Stop! Coffe time, Scan and scribble

Bicyle, Graphics & generative art

Self, Collage & photography

Seem too much, Photography & graphics

Sorbet projection, Graphics

Identify yourself, Studio photography

Storytime, Graphics

Peel here, Studio Photography & stickers

Between the ideas, Pencil & graphics

Pen Pushers, Drawing & studio photography