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Some frequently asked questions:

Stereographic was founded in December 2006. It grew out of George’s previous Internet Agency Elektonika which was founded with two university friends.

Almost anything can inspire me and creative ideas can come from the most unusual places. I love all sorts of creative culture, including fine art, modern art, graffiti, advertising design, music, radio, television and computer games – I just cant get enough and wish there was more time! In particular I love books by Joe Abercrombie, the design of Stefan Sagmeister, anything by Charlie Brooker, art by Damien Hirst, and Casper David Fredirich, computer games by Hidetaka Miyazaki and t-shirts by Ugmonk.

I once designed an area of space rocket for Avanti Communications, so my designs have been launched into space!

I am a conceptual and fine art photographer, with a practice at www.gwbenson.co.uk. I have exhibited in London and New York, been published in various magazines and completed commissions for boutique hotels, Royal Ascot and a public piece of art in the centre of Birmingham.

I offer both design consultation and design assessment services, either looking at what design/creative solutions your organisation / business needs or assessing and making recommendations based on what it already does, what assets you have and where you could go in the future.

At Stereographic I mainly offer architectural, business and documentation photo packages, covering creating shots of your business for marketing purposes plus documentation of exhibitions, events and projects. I also offer specialised commissions for photography to adorn your premises. I consult on what style of image will enhance the space for the people who work or visit there.

All projects are bespoke priced based on the amount of work that needs doing which can include concepts, ideas, design, photo editing, art working, production / print preparation and project management.

I can also asses projects on a set budget basis.

I have a very flexible working practice and regularly complete very last minute projects for clients, sometimes on emergency deadlines a few hours after being briefed.

Usually no project is too small. Designer portfolios can often concentrate on showcasing large impressive projects, however small projects are always part of a regular work schedule. Don’t be afraid to approach me with a small or unusual design project so I can chat through your requirements.

Yes – PowerPoints are, some say, are a necessary evil, but they do their job very well.  I’ve designed many PowerPoints over the years, including major presentations for Government ministers and multi-million pound funding bids. PowerPoint can be a bit of pain sometimes but I can design something from scratch or take your base file and make it fresher and easier to understand, redesigning graphs and info-graphics, adding illustrations, images and more…