The Archers

I was commissioned to conceptualise and redesign the upstairs area at BBC Birmingham to a new Archers and BBC Birmingham display. From initial sketches through to final install I helped manage all aspects of the project resulting in a bright brand new space celebrating ‘The longest Running broadcast drama in the world’ that had fans queuing to get in on launch day. Everything you can see in the documentary photos was designed, created, produced and installed through Stereographic, from complete timelines, illustrated insights, interactive iPads, life-size cardboard cutouts (including photography), fake revitalised straw benches, village noticeboard and postcard pod, interactive sound effects board, photo montages , display cabinets and more.

ClientBBCServicesExhibition Design, IllustrationYear2017


On the opposite wall to The Archers display is an area showcasing the current developments, programmes and also history of BBC Birmingham. Various historical and TV memorabilia is on show.

All photographs taken by George Benson @ Stereographic Ltd